Invictus Games

Team UK archer aiming for GB Paralympics spot after Invictus Games silver medal

A Team UK archer has told Forces News that he's aiming for a spot at the Paralympic Games after winning a silver medal at the Invictus Games in The Hague.

Stuart Padley lost in the final of the event, but was pleased with his second placing.

He is now aiming for more international competition.

"We're looking into pathways to go into the Paralympics," said Neil Padley, Stuart's father.

"Wheels are in motion to see how far we can go with this."

Stuart lost his speech after a stroke in 2018, and his father helps him with media interviews.

During the past four years, Stuart has been teaching himself to talk again.

He has enjoyed his time in The Hague so far and particularly liked watching the wheelchair rugby - also known as murderball.

Stuart's father also spoke about the support Stuart had received from other athletes - even those he had defeated.

"There are that many people that have come up and spoken to Stuart after - you have to go and support other people," said Neil.

"All the people he beat from the other countries came and watched him in the final and congratulated him.

"One guy from Ukraine came up and he has given him a band and Ukraine badge. That guy has to go back to his battalion.

"We're going back... to start training again. What we do is insignificant [compared] to what that guy has to do."

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