Invictus Games

Stand-in Team UK athletics coach reflects on 'brilliant' Invictus Games performances

Team UK's athletics coach has praised competitors' performances at the Invictus Games The Hague.

Ian Young, who is filling in for senior coach Joe McDonald, said the team has been "absolutely brilliant" in their quest for medals.

A British competitor has stood on the podium a number of times since the start of the Games, winning gold, silver, and bronze medals.

Young has previously competed for Team UK at the Invictus Games in Toronto, and that experience allows him to help this cycle's batch of competitors.

"We've come full journey now," he said.

"When I finished my Invictus journey, I always said I wanted to give back. I became good friends with the current coach and he invited me back to help out with the coaching.

"I'd already been through that journey, so there were lots of questions that they may not have asked the Help For Heroes staff or the actual coaches themselves."

Regular boss McDonald was absent due to COVID-19, but he still managed to send an emotional message to the competitors.

Young said: "We all had to walk away and take five minutes to watch this message from him.

"It was really, really good and all we did was pass that on to the athletes.

"We knew we couldn't be a Joe McDonald but we will definitely use all the tricks of the trade that he has given us."