Invictus Games

Sally Renard celebrates Invictus Games gold medal with her daughters

A win in the women's IT7 1500m was a great moment for the mum of two.

Sally Renard has won a gold medal at the Invictus Games The Hague in the women's IT7 1500m race.

The mum of two celebrated the victory with her young daughters who cheered loudly in the stand.

"It's an absolute amazing feeling," said Renard in the post-race interview with Forces News reporter Cath Brazier.

"I got a personal best. I got a medal and the best bit of all is these two little cheerleaders were right by us as well, shouting their heads off.

"I'm surprised they can still talk because I could hear them the whole time!"

Her daughter Daisy was proud of her mum and told Forces News: "She was awesome.

"[The gold medal] is quite heavy and it's really cool."

Renard explained that her Invictus journey started three years ago when her friend, who competed at the Sydney Games, recommended getting involved.

"We were both mums with kids at the same school doing the school run," she said.

"She said 'you've got to do it. You've got to apply for it' and thanks to my friend Jenny Collins.

"She is the reason why I'm here today."