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Jessica Ennis-Hill 'Proud' Sheffield Is Hosting Invictus UK Trials

The Sheffield-native Olympian was back in her home city to watch the Invictus UK Trials.

Olympic gold medalist Jessica Ennis-Hill has been watching the Invictus UK Trials begin in Sheffield with the athletics.

The now-retired sportswomen was on hand to give out medals for the winners in the city.

"This is the first time I have been to an Invictus Trials and for it to be in Sheffield, I am very proud," she said.

"Sheffield has been a huge sporting city for so many years and I’m glad that the city is supporting the Invictus Trials like it is by making the stadium great for them and hosting such a fantastic event.

"We are very proud of sport in our city."

Ms Ennis-Hill also discussed the rise of the Invictus brand.

"I think that is the great thing. It is just building and building.

"If you speak to anybody, you can’t say Invictus without them knowing what it means and what it stands for.

"To have the support of Prince Harry is a massive thing and it is great to see the profile rising. I think it will continue to do so and continue inspiring."

INVICTUS UK Trials Athletics 2019 Credit BFBS 230719
Jessica Ennis-Hill was back in her home city to watch the Invictus UK Trials.

As well as the medals ceremony, Ms Ennis-Hill was on hand to watch the event and fully enjoyed herself.

She said: "To come and experience the athletics live is fantastic. I’ve brought my son along and he is loving every part of it so it is really special.

"I think it has been the nicest thing just chatting with loads of people. I've been hearing what their inspiration is and why they are competing.

"It’s inspiring on so many levels. Not just all the military people who are competing, but also to bring people like myself and my son who are massive fans with huge respect for what they actually do."