Invictus Games

Invictus UK Trials: Powerlifters Step Up To The Plates

Competitors put their strength to the test as they aimed to be part of next year's Games at The Hague.

Powerlifting, an event that always pushes athletes to their limits, pulled in a big crowd at the  Invictus UK Trials. 

Stepping up to the bench press this year was former Rifleman Craig Monaghan. 

Monaghan suffered a traumatic brain injury and two perforated eardrums whilst serving in Afghanistan, but has since received the 2019 Soldiering On Sporting Excellence Award for his commitment to veteran sport.

Having already competed in the athletics trials, Monaghan wanted to test his strength in new disciplines:

"My main aim was to enjoy around veterans and other athletes and to place top-ten in everything I've done."

Whilst Monaghan will have to wait until the final results from a week of competition to realise his goal, Mac Mclaren is one powerlifter who could not wait to show what the Invictus spirit meant to him.

Mclaren's specially-shaved, Great Britain flag haircut was a highlight of the second round - and the King's Colours are more than just a statement of style: "We're all here for a purpose, to be together as one team- Team UK.

"As a soldier, I was very proud to wear the flag, and again I'm still proud to wear it."

More than 350 athletes have been in Sheffield competing for a place in Team UK's squad ahead of next year's Invictus Games.