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Invictus UK Trials: Medals Won In Wheelchair Rugby

Wheelchair rugby has rounded off the first day of sporting events at the Invictus UK Trials in Sheffield.

After a day of matches, the final gold medal contest took place in front of an excited crowd.

After Team A in orange had already secured a bronze medal, it was up to Team B in red and Team G in blue to decide who was the Trials winner.

Team B edged a close opening half, leading by 15-8.

In the second period, Team G roared back but were unable to keep the red team down, with Team B taking the gold medal with a 28-20 victory.

Steve Boulton captained the team and was pleased with the performance.

"They worked hard from the start," he said.

"I told them what to do and they executed. They listened well and performed well as you have seen.

"There were a few new guys that shocked me and they did really well.

"Throughout my military career, I was mostly playing for the football teams with my units.

"I was always involved in sport. Being injured took it away from me but the Invictus Games, all the lads and a sport that everyone loves and is quite competitive about."

Wheelchair Rugby Credit BFBS 24072019.jpg
Wheelchair rugby is also known as 'murder ball' due to its ferocity.

Meanwhile, Team G player John Willians spoke about the effect Invictus has had on him.

"Since I’ve been Army, it is the thing I look forward to most," he said.

"It’s people you don’t know and the comradery with this kind of sport is amazing.

"Sport is the biggest thing to help."

Bronze medalist Pete Dunning was the captain of Team A and praised the Trials for giving people an opportunity.

He said: "The coaches before today distributed people.

"First of all, it was people who had been to Invictus Games before and know the Games.

"They then filtered in people from there who have wheelchair skills and people who are brand new to the sport today as well.

"It’s about people coming together and trying new things. I’m trying something I’ve never done before and that is what these things are all about.

"If you get into it, great. If not, okay. Try a different one for next time.

"With it being the Trials, everyone has visions of getting to The Hague next year. We’ll just have to wait and see.

"It’s been a fantastic day and I think the whole week is going to be fantastic."

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