Invictus Games

Invictus UK Trials 2019: Big Gig Welcomes Athletes To Sheffield

Invictus UK Trials athletes have been welcomed to Sheffield with the Big Gig concert.

Artists such as Alfie Boe, Suggs and Heather Small performed for the competitors in attendance to open up the week.

Heather Small is known for hit single Proud and competing in Strictly Come Dancing and the singer was pleased to be part of the proceedings.

"I think it is fantastic," she said.

"There are people who have been rehabilitated and are able to go from one atmosphere to another by sheer determination and hard work.

"I'd imagine any injury, obviously it is life-changing and life-altering.

"This whole Invictus Games gives purpose and drive."

Invictus Games big gig in Sheffield
Laura Wright performed the song 'Invincible' at the show.

Martin Tye is a competitor at this year's Trials and was watching the show in Sheffield. he spoke about the impact of the Invictus Games.

He said: "The performances were amazing and the people from Sheffield stood up and showed their respect. - it was overwhelming.

"When I was first injured, I spent three years behind the walls in my house just eating and putting on weight. I was doing things that I didn’t really want to do.

"My whole life is changed now. My whole life is sport."

Lisa Johnston is also an athlete at this week's events and discussed the positive effect Invictus has had on her.

"It’s giving you the opportunity to give you a little bit of self-worth," she said.

"Even though you are broken, you can still do something.

"I love going to the gym and the feel-good factor afterwards. It’s helped me out.

"I was in a bit of a dark area and it helped me out that hole."

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