Invictus Games

Indoor Rowing Coach Looking Forward To 'Fantastic' Invictus UK Trials

Hannah Lawton was the team coach for the Team UK Indoor Rowing side.

Competitors have arrived in Sheffield ahead of the 2019 Invictus trials.

More than 350 competitors are in the city to try out for a place on Team UK's squad.

Hannah Lawton was the team coach for the Team UK Indoor Rowing team and is excited for the week ahead.

She said: "We’ve got over 300 volunteers, 20 ambassadors on the programme that have done previous games. It’s absolutely fantastic.

"It’s the biggest trials we have ever run. It’s nice to be in Sheffield which is a different city where I have never been before.

"Ultimately, we have to find out the competitors that we can take to an Invictus Games.

"We have over 350 competitors competing and we can take 65-ish people.

"It’s a huge amount of people that won’t get to take part in that experience at an international competition, but we can put something on that showcase the power of adaptive sport in the UK.

"Everybody can get a very similar, if not, the same experience of going to an Invictus Games."

Ms Lawton was also full of praise for the city of Sheffield and their capabilities to host the event.

"It’s huge," she said.

"Sheffield have been fantastic. I think they’ve got fantastic public transport links around the city centre. We have free access to the tram for the competitors.

"We’ve got multiple different international sports venues. These are top-class sport venues that we are bringing these competitors into. They are competing in effect on a world stage in an international venue."

Speaking about the sporting events, Ms Lawton was excited for the audience to see the action unfold: "Adaptive sport and military sport brings so many people in.

"They enthuse about it. Everybody gets behind each other and before you know it, you are clapping the last person across the line.

"Everyone gets so upbeat about that kind of incredible. The guys are incredible.

"It’s great and we are going to have a fantastic time."

Ms Lawton also had a tribute to the men and women who will be competing in Sheffield.

She said: "They have a good laugh and can work exceptionally hard. They still come out of it the other end thinking it was an incredible experience.

"It’s fantastic to see them and see the change they go through as well. They pull together, arrive on the first camp and hardly say boo to a goose.

"By the end of it, the characters that come out of them is incredible to see."