Invictus Games

'Even better than I'd hoped': Invictus Games The Hague chief shares her pride in the event

The chief executive of the Invictus Games The Hague has told Forces News that she is proud of how the event is being run.

The Games were postponed twice due to the coronavirus pandemic, so planning staff had more time than ever before to get things right.

Conny Wenting said that, after five years of planning, the results had been "even better than I'd hoped for".

"I think the whole set-up...and the festival-type of event that we wanted to create - I think we managed quite well," she said.

Many competitors, staff, friends and family have praised the inclusive feeling at the event.

Ms Wenting said: "What we really wanted to create was a venue [where] everyone, especially friends and family, were also staying in the park, so that there were full grandstands and a lively vibe.

"It's even better than I'd hoped for so I'm quite proud that we managed to make that happen."

One of the headlines of the Games so far has been Team Ukraine's involvement and the support they have received from fans and other competitors.

"I think it was quite emotional when they arrived," Ms Wenting said.

"Most of the team got leave from service for two weeks which of course is incredible to understand. They go back next week.

"That's quite emotional to think about, and I think it was also a light at the end of their tunnel.

"I think it was a small light of hope for them to come here."