Invictus Games

Emotional Team Ukraine remembers coach killed in action after Russia invasion

Team Ukraine says its Invictus Games squad "is not complete" without those who have died before the competition in The Hague started.

Among those remembered in an emotional interview with Forces News and BFBS was one of the team's coaches, Dmytro Sydoruk, who was also a former Invictus competitor and medal winner, who was killed this month following Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

Speaking through a translator, team member Dmytro Afanasiev, said: "The Ukrainian spirit is actually what you see every day really.

"Our team is not complete. For example, here we miss a trainer and former member of the Invictus team.

"He was a silver medal winner in [the 2017 Invictus Games in] Toronto.

"He got injured at the very start of the war in 2014.

"After a period of rehabilitation, he came back to the army and he was killed on 5 April - just a week before our departure for the Invictus Games.

"Of course, it's a blow."

Four members of the Ukrainian Invictus community died before the start of the Invictus Games in The Hague, with support for Team Ukraine having been a constant throughout the event so far.

The team members were welcomed with a standing ovation at the opening ceremony last week.

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