Invictus Games

Athlete Gifts Eight-Year-Old Amputee With Invictus Medal

Team USA competitor Mike Kacer gifted a young fan his silver medal after spotting her in the crowd.

Team USA competitor Mike Kacer scooped up a gold and two silvers in the athletics yesterday, before making a fan's day by gifting her one of his medals.

Mike, who lost his left arm in 2008 while deployed in Afghanistan, won gold for the Men's IT3 400m and silver for both the Men's IF2 Discus and Men's IT3 200m.

While celebrating with the crowd Mike spotted Gemma, herself an amputee: "I saw her walking through towards me with all the kids and when I waved out to her sister, her sister brought her over to me, and she said, 'I’ve been cheering for you all day, I’m so happy you’ve been getting everything!'

"I’d never seen her a day in my life but she explained how ecstatic she was about coming to the Games and watching me, and I said, ‘why me?’"

Gemma then explained how much fun it had been for her to watch someone win all those medals with the same disability as her.

Mike felt that this summed up with the Invictus Games is all about:

"It’s about trying to reach out and inspire people to be a better person."

Gemma then told Mike about her own ambitions to become a Paralympic swimmer.

That is when Mike decided that he wanted to be the first person to give her a medal and hopefully give her a moment from the Games that she will never forget.

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