The Invictus Games Racing Team, made up of four injured veterans, has taken over the tracks at Silverstone to celebrate its achievements so far and thank supporters.

The racers, who are currently halfway through the British GT Championship, visited one of the most famous racing tracks in the world just a few days before they compete on it.

It'll be the site of their next race, which takes place this weekend, with the team having undergone intense training to be able to compete against professional drivers.

Ben Norfolk, who was medically discharged from the RAF with PTSD after serving in Afghanistan, told Forces Network about his Jaguar supercar, saying:

"It's unlike anything else that I've ever driven before."

He added that there's been a lot of preparation work to get him ready to race in it, saying:

"[There is] lots of physical training [and] lots of mental training as well.

"As part of my injury, it has been quite difficult mentally to be able to stay focused for the amounts of time that I need to, so the fitness has been a really, really big thing."

Invictus Games Racing Team in Silverstone 070618

Steve McCulley, who was a major in the Royal Marines before sustaining life-threatening injuries from an IED in Afghanistan, compared racing to 'being in a firefight':

"For me personally, in terms of adrenaline, there's nothing else like it out there, apart from being in a firefight.

"The endorphin release you get during and after a firefight is pretty unreal - unless it's gone wrong clearly... Motorsport is very similar.

"The feeling during a race - you are utterly focused on what you are doing, the job in hand and then immediately when you finish you get that dump of endorphins.

"That adrenaline high is very similar to being in the military."

The project is a collaboration between the Invictus Games Foundation and James Holder, co-founder of the Superdry clothing brand.

He said: "We thought we'd have a three-year project [and] really challenge the guys to have the ride of their lives - experience some real highs and some real lows - but overwhelmingly, come out of it with something that they will remember for the rest of their lives."