Track and field competitors have been training at Brunel University to the west of London, being put through their paces by British Athletics coaches.

This was the first meet since the team was announced at the end of May and many more sessions will follow in the run-up to the games in Canada in September.

Needless to say, coaching from the very best at world class facilities helps them prepare mentally and physically for the Games.

A record number of people applied to take part in Invictus this year.

One athlete, Dave Watson, was inspired by the inaugural Games in 2014 but unsuccessful in subsequent selections. However, 2017 has proved third time lucky for the former Scots Guardsman who was blown up by an IED in 2010. He said he couldn't believe the news:

"I just forgot I was driving and I started jumping up and down. The car was swaying all over the place... Just to find what I'd been training for had finally come (true)."

Many of these athletes once struggled to deal with the day-to-day but now, with their training programmes in place and a summer of fine-tuning ahead of them, they have a very clear focus and no doubt, the next 100 days will pass by in a flash.

"I struggled a lot to start with, with my injury, just getting my head around it" says the UK team's Martin Tye.