Introducing The New Forces Sport Podcast


Forces Sport is entering the world of podcasts as Cath Brazier and Julian Evans bring you the latest in military sport every week.

The new revamped radio programme will also be available to listen to on BFBS Radio.

The show will cover what's new in all sports across the three services, including boxing, football, cricket and rugby.

Cath and Julian will speak to those making the news and hear from some of the biggest characters in military sport.

The Forces Sport podcast will be available on Mondays from 16:30 UK time from and all the usual podcast providers and platforms.

You will also be able to hear it on BFBS Radio 2 at 16:30 UK time and BFBS UK at 18:30 UK time.

Watch: Cath and Julian get off track going from rowing to oranges in this clip from the first show.