The British Armed Forces have been recognising International Women's Day around the world - but are marking the occasion in Germany by having two strong women stand toe-to-toe in the boxing ring.

It seemed like an apt way to go about conducting the boxing championships for the 1 Princess of Wales' Royal Regiment (1PWRR).

The Prince of Wales Royal Regiment has had sporting successes across the Army in everything from mountain biking to sailing. 

But with the infantry regiment being predominantly male, finding two female competitors to fight in the same category wasn’t easy.

As it turned out, the talent pool was confined to one room - roommates Private Alex Goodman and Lance Corporal Danielle Thacker.

They were recruited to fight each other and to train side-by-side for weeks.

Asked if she would actually be able to punch her roommate in the face, Alex laughed and said:

"Well you have to be obviously, don't you?! Just try and block out anything else and just think you want to win the fight. That's it, that's all that's going to be in my mind."

For her part, Danielle said:

"I'm really excited. It's like the culmination of the last eight weeks' hard work, isn't it, so I'm going to give it everything I've got. And hopefully, I'll win." 

1 PWRR are the reigning boxing champions for the British Army in Germany.

Commanding Officer of the battalion, Lieutenant Colonel Mike Cornwell, said of the sport:

"Boxing is an absolutely core infantry sport for a number of reasons. It allows people to demonstrate courage, determination [and] fitness, mostly at a very young age.

"It brings the whole battalion together... People really get behind their companies, it engenders a spirit of competition and it's just a great event."