'I'm Just Taking It Step By Step', Highly-Rated Army Boxing Star Says

Ebonie Jones is keen not to get ahead of herself with the Tokyo Olympics looming.

Army boxing star Ebonie Jones is determined to focus on the present despite a potential involvement at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo.

The 20-year-old is considered to be one of the Army’s brightest boxing talents and has already competed at a World Championships.

She is now aiming for glory at the Olympics next year, but is keen not to get ahead of herself.

Jones said: “I’m doing what I can now rather than focusing on other things. I’m just taking it step by step instead of just thinking about Tokyo.

“I’m thinking it but sometimes, it can be just too much if you do that. You just do what you can at the time.

“As a boxer, you are good at putting on that poker face because you are training all the time.”

Ebonie Jones is training hard ahead of the World Championships later this year.

At the World Championships last year, Jones was unfortunate not to get a medal but took positives from her performance.

She said: “I did the World Championships last year, which was my first one as a senior. I was nervous going into it because I’m still very young with not a lot of experience. I proved that I’m up there and I could have medalled.

“I came up against India in my first fight and it was a very controversial decision, but I know in myself that I could have medalled in that tournament.”

Despite training in the military, boxing has always been the number one priority for Jones.

She said: “It’s what I’ve done since a young age really. It’s all I’ve been used to.

“I didn’t really do much soldiering, to be honest with you. I went through my training and maybe one day after the Olympics, I’ll be going back to work.”