Cyprus has seen the first inter-services boxing event of its kind on the island for many years - a face-off between the Army and Royal Air Force.

The event was held at RAF Akrotiri and was watched by hundreds of spectators.

After months of punishing training, it was a chance for forces boxers to represent their service and make their mark.

Facing each other were teams of RAF fighters drawn from the island and across the UK versus boxers from 2nd Battalion, the Royal Anglian Regiment (2 R ANGLIAN), based in Dhekelia.

British Army v RAF Cyprus boxing 2018

There were 11 fights in total, with several of the early ones development bouts between fellow members of the RAF team.

Others involved local Cypriot fighters who'd been invited to take part.

Bout five saw the first inter-service contest - and victory for the Army men, known as the 'Poachers'.

Light welterweight Lance Corporal Jake Taylor took the fight on a split decision.

From there, though, the RAF began their comeback.

2018 Army v RAF Cyprus boxing

Welterweight James Turley took a standing count - and some big shots - before winning his fight on a split decision.

After the interval came two bruising light heavyweight bouts, with victory in both going to the RAF.

First up was Corporal Marc Constadeen, whose effective jab and movement brought a unanimous win on points.

Next was Senior Aircraftman George Muir, whose opponent took two standing counts before the referee stopped the contest.

The next bout was a cracker, which saw light heavyweight Ryan Evington putting his Army opponent on the canvas in the third round.

Corporal Devally bravely continued - but not for long, with the referee quickly ending the fight.

2018 Army v RAF Cyprus boxing

The contest earned SAC Evington the award for Best Boxer of the night.

By now the Air Force were 4-1 ahead - but the Anglians weren't giving up.

Middleweight Lance Corporal Clark saved some Poacher pride with a unanimous points victory over SAC Arron Devine.

The last bout of the night was also the best.

The RAF's welterweight Cpl Peter Todd – who'd also helped organise the whole event – used his experience and boxing skills to take his bout on a split decision.

It brought an end to proceedings - and also sealed a convincing 5-2 RAF victory.

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