How Forces Stars Are Keeping Busy During Sporting Break

As the sporting break continues, more forces personalities are offering tips on how to stay fit and keep busy during the hiatus.

With forces sport not set to return until May at the earliest, sportsmen and women have taken to social media to show what you can do during the break.

Over on the BFBS Sport YouTube Channel, you can watch full replays of the 2019 Inter Services Rugby Union Championships.

There are five matches on there from last year's tournament which was won by the RAF women and Army men.

Meanwhile, the Army rugby union have been running spot-the-difference challenges on their social media channels.

The Royal Navy have also been trawling through their rugby union image archive to find the best pictures in their history.

Unsurprisingly, there has been a lot of training tips passed throughout social media so people can stay fit during the pandemic.

Physical training instructors from all three services have been active with videos to help people keep fit.

With the postponement of this year's Invictus Games, competitors past and present have set up the Invictus 20 to 21 challenge.

Its aim is to help people stay home, work out and spread some inspiration.