Horsing Around At The Inter-Services

The forces equine community has been trying to make the sport more inclusive...

The eight best military horse riders have competed in the London International Horse Show at Olympia.

The forces equine community is trying to make the sport more inclusive, including by changing the qualification process for its end of year inter-services competition.

The new rules are designed to give personnel more opportunity to ride, develop up-and-coming prospects and better support those at a representative level. 

Horsing Around At The Inter-Services Riding Competition

The riders have all been working hard in training as competitions don't get much bigger than those at Olympia.

The UK Armed Forces Equestrian Association adjusted its qualification system in April and now runs four different events rather than just one.

The organisers hope this will include more people but also make the process more competitive.

It means most of the riders competing have at least experienced an Olympia-style tournament, before the real thing.

Horsing Around At The Inter-Services Riding Competition

One of the titles up for grabs was the Services Showjumping Championship, which consists of two rounds, with 65 seconds the allotted time allowed on the course.

Squadron Leader Caitlin Wroe was in the lead after round one - but the overall victory went to the Army's Staff Sergeant Ben Moore.

Ssgt Moore was the only rider out of eight to score two clear rounds.

Commitment and dedication are crucial in a sport like this and something to hold on to as riders look to grow and improve.

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