What's Next For Army esports?

After experiencing a rise in popularity during lockdown, Army esports is hoping to be part of some big competitions.

British Army esports has seen a surge in numbers during the coronavirus pandemic with many new gamers signing up for competition.

A recent fixture against a professional organisation was a sign of how far the team has come.

But what's next for Army esports?

Speaking after the match against 4Elements, Major Tom Elliott revealed some of the future plans, including a new potential Inter Services competition.

He said: "We're looking at doing a Scandinavian tournament. We've now created quite strong links with our Scandinavian cousins so we're looking at possibly doing a tournament for them.

"We've also been approached by the French who would like us to get involved with a festival they have got.

League of Legends could be one of the games on show at The Gathering. (Picture: British Army eSports)

The recent loss to 4Elements was a major positive for the Army who tested themselves against professional opposition. (Picture: British Army eSports).

"That might be a bit harder with the COVID restrictions and stuff like that," he added.

"Of course, there's CODE Bowl – the Call of Duty Endowment bowl of which we came third [last time].

"We're hoping to do better this year.

"So we're doing a big build-up, and Activision, who are the gaming company that runs Call of Duty, are approaching us about potentially starting a proper military league to allow us to build up to CODE Bowl.

"There's a bit more paperwork to sort out with that one but, yes, we're looking to the build-up now nice and early to get the best Call of Duty players to represent the British Army.

"I know the Royal Navy and the RAF are going to be included in this one because I'm talking to all three services."