Navy Thrashes RAF In World Of Warships E-Sports Competition

The Royal Navy ran out 5-0 winners in the contest.

The Royal Navy eSports team dominated the RAF in a World of Warships clash between the two services, finishing 5-0 winners on the night.

The victory has left the Navy celebrating and the RAF plotting for a future battle.

A rematch could pave the way for a tri-services competition on the platform.

RAF eSports team captain Jim Campbell said: "What I can say is that I've already challenged the Navy to a rematch.

"I've said to them that I'd like it to be on the big stage at Insomnia – that's the massive gaming festival – and make it as... big as we can.

"Maybe even get an Army team in there as well for a tri-service thing. That would be great." 

World of Warships is a free-to-play naval warfare-themed multiplayer game from Wargaming.

The platform meant the Navy was the clear favourite for the match, but Chris Hayes, the Navy eSports captain, says preparation was key.

World of Warships is a free-to-play naval warfare-themed multiplayer game from Wargaming (Picture: Royal Navy eSports).

He explained: "I think the preparation was really good and I even put together small little PowerPoint documents for them all to have a read through – to decide where to put themselves to ensure the win. 

"We followed the plan last night and ended up in a 5-0 win."

But how exactly do you compete with the software?

Hayes said: "Point and shoot at the enemy. Shoot and try and take them out as quickly as possible. 

"So coordinating five or six players and all across a large-scale map is quite hard, but as long as you've got a good team, good communication skills to get your point across and show leadership, it works really well.

"So we've all got headsets and we've got... like a small Zoom meeting all talking at the same time.

"We've got a little map within a map on our consoles and our laptops to see where everyone is.

"You'll press certain keys and you'll say 'shoot this person'. Everyone will go for that target and it's quite well coordinated," he added.

Campbell also revealed some of the statistics regarding eSports within the Air Force and says he thinks it teaches valuable life skills.

He said: "So eSports at the RAF, it's getting huge. From humble beginnings, we've now got 1,157 serving members.

"That actually works out at just over 3.5% of the RAF, which is huge, actually."

He says playing for a team "is a whole different dynamic" where you learn "how to work with pressure". 

"We teach our guys to self analyse defeat and look objectively at what went wrong.

"So not just gaming skills but also good life skills in general," he added.