British Army eSports invite soldiers to take part in The Gathering community event

Over the Christmas period, the Army eSports team are hosting The Gathering to reduce loneliness and isolation among soldiers.

The British Army eSports team are hosting a community event to reduce isolation and loneliness over the festive period.

On 18 December, the service is using Discord and Twitch to promote virtual conversation for soldiers who struggle in the winter.

The event started in December 2020 and after successful feedback, the Army is looking for a repeat.

Alfie Usher, a popular military social figure with Fill Your Boots, will be taking on the new Army Sergeant Major in a gaming battle at the event on the platform Fall Guys.

Lieutenant Colonel Tim Elliott from Army eSports said: "Locking down stops people from being in a situation where you can be with your mates.

"This is just saying 'well don't worry about that'. 

"Even if you are finding yourself on your own, there will be guys online that you can just have a laugh with, have a chat with."