Army E-Sports Team Competes Against Professional Organisation For First Time

A three-day tournament against 4Elements from the Netherlands was a tough test for the Army.

The British Army eSports team have played first fixture against a professional organisation.

A three-night competition against 4Elements, based in the Netherlands, saw the competitors play on Call of Duty, CS: GO and League of Legends.

The Dutch team was created in 2018 by founder Paul Helder and has competed at many European gaming conventions.

The first night of action saw Call of Duty take focus and the Army team were the dominant force, beating the 4Elements side and winning on all five maps.

The second night was on the CS: GO platform – 4Elements' forte.

Unsurprisingly, it was difficult for the Army as they fell to defeat on the night.

It meant the last match, on League of Legends, would be the decider of the contest, with 4Elements winning a closely-contested battle to take the victory overall.

Army team member Major Tom Elliot said despite the loss, they have plenty to be proud of.

He said: "The fact that we actually won one of the titles was absolutely superb.

League of Legends could be one of the games on show at The Gathering. (Picture: British Army eSports)

League of Legends provided the platform for the deciding match (Picture: British Army eSports).

"We came in fighting and at no stage did we give up. I'm very proud of the guys. I'm very proud of all three teams.

"I take my hat off to 4Elements. They are a good team."

The first night's performance was a shock to not only the neutrals watching but 4Elements themselves, according to their founder.

Helder said: "I thought it was a great experience to play against the Army as well to see what level of competitiveness gaming they are.

"In Call of Duty, they completely destroyed us. They didn't even leave my players alive. It was like a destruction!"

ESports has become increasingly popular in the military during the coronavirus pandemic and Maj Elliot said he believes that will continue.

He said: "After lockdown, is eSports going to disappear? No chance.

"It's growing stronger and bigger. I can't see any negatives in there and I can't see any reason why, after the lockdown, you wouldn't just say 'this is a winner'.

"If anything, the lockdown has shone a strong light on it. I know the senior hierarchy within the Army are looking at eSports and going 'wow'.

"They had no idea that it was such a strong component around the world," he added.