Royal Engineers from across the UK have gathered in the Highlands to compete in the Sapper Games.

Over 1,000 soldiers, from more than 20 units, took part in 16 events over two days at the home of 39 Engineer Regiment.

There was a lot of regimental pride at stake at Kinloss Barracks, with one of the most gruelling and competitive events the medium girder over bridge (MGOB) build competition.

It sees teams of nine battle it out to be the fastest unit to build one.

British Army Royal Engineers Sapper Games 2018

For some of those taking part - it's part of their everyday skillset in the field - which means there's a lot of pride at stake when it comes to competition time.

Lance Corporal Paul Shipway, of 22 Engineer Regiment, told Forces Network:

"This is our bread and butter. This is the one that we should be winning and everyone wants to win, especially when you're... going up against ones [units] that aren't necessarily doing this day in, day out."

The competition also sees regimental rivalries renewed on the rugby field.

British Army Royal Engineers Sapper Games 2018

32 Regiment triumphed over their '33' counterparts here, although getting together to socialise after the match is just as important.

Lance Corporal Daniel Jenkins, of 32 Regiment, said:

"It's a fantastic way for the lads to meet up again. You do basic training with them, [you do] engineering training with them [and] you don't see them for years."

"So when you come to a place like this, fantastically hosted by '39', it's a brilliant way to get that friendship back again that you lost a few years ago."

The Highland Games has been added to this year's programme - and while a number of the events are unfamiliar to those taking part, some are taking to them pretty well.

While the competition can be fierce at times and there are bragging rights at stake, the Sapper Games give the engineers the chance to build on the team spirit they rely on in the field.

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