UKAF women's rugby team

Forces Women Get Ready For Wales In Remembrance Rugby Match

The women's UKAF rugby team will play Wales tonight, in a game that marks 100 years since the first women's rugby match in mainland Britain....

UKAF women's rugby team

The women's UKAF rugby team will play Wales tonight in a game that marks 100 years since the first women's rugby match in mainland Britain.

Last year the military side were soundly beaten 43-5, so they're hoping for a marked improvement this time around. 

The squad has always boasted a number of internationals in the ranks, though, with this year no different.

England star Amy Cokayne is well known to rugby fans but never before has she been available to play for the UK Armed Forces.

This year her international commitments have allowed it though, so she'll get her first UKAF cap.

Amy will join the England set-up for the three tests against Canada in the second half of November.

Amy Cokayne

Amy said it's a big honour to represent the UK Armed Forces:

"I wanted it. You play in the inter-services and it means so much to play for the RAF, it's huge. To then go on to represent the Armed Forces is that next level, it's something you can't really describe."

Forward Sarah Batley has had to rejig her work schedule with the Royal Military Police so she's able to play in Cardiff. She'll deploy to Estonia on Thursday, the day after the game.

This is Sarah's third season with the UKAF team, so she's accustomed to the highs and lows expected at this level.

Sarah Batley

Sarah says playing a remembrance game is hugely important to her:

"Opportunities like this, where we all come together as a team, highlight exactly how important it is to remember those who have gone before us."

Last year's match, the players'  first against a full international side, ended in a heavy defeat.

Wales ran in seven tries, with a consolation from Charlie Murray right at the end doing little to lift UKAF spirits.

A loss at the hands of a well-drilled outfit was nothing to be ashamed of, however, and has given the team something to build on.

Kick-off for the match is at 7.30 UK time at Cardiff Arms Park.

The game is about so much more than just rugby, but it's one the girls will be out to win all the same.

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