Forces Women Fight In Royal Marines Boxing Tournament For First Time

The annual Royal Marines Corps Boxing Championships have taken place with the addition of a new 'special' round...

The annual Royal Marines Corps Boxing Championships have taken place with the addition of a new 'special' round. 

The 40 Commando team walked away as the Corps boxing champions, while it was down to points for two women in the ring at the Commando Training Centre.

It's the first time women have competed in the tournament, with the Corps currently preparing to open its doors to them.

Royal Marines women in boxing championships for first time 2018

For Sub-Lieutenant Rebecca Carman, representing Taunton-based 40 Commando, it was a hard-fought win:

"I was fighting a girl from the Royal Logistic Corps. I knew that she had a few more bouts than me [under her belt].

"She was a bit more experienced and she was a little bit heavier than me, so I was quite lucky that I got to put some weight on before the fight.

"There was a lot of pressure in front of my colleagues to do well, so I was quite nervous going in."

"I don't think I've ever been hit so hard in my life, so at first it was a bit of shock but I think I eased into it in the second and third rounds and kind of got into my stride a bit later in the fight."

As a result, she's been offered the chance to train alongside the England team.

40 Commando's boxing coach, Warrant Officer Class 2 Wilf Rees, said:

"She's going to go up [with] the [Royal] Navy squad to the England development camp and the England women's team are going to have a look at her and see how she gets on up there. 

"She's only had four bouts [and] she's won them all. Her boxing skills are fantastic."

"She needs to move her head more so she doesn't get caught with so many shots on the nose! But it's all stuff we can work with."

It didn't happen, however, without plenty of training.

Back at the gym in Norton Manor Camp S/Lt Carman's been keeping up the momentum with the rest of the squad, as the only female on the team.

It's something she relishes. She told us: "It was pretty intense training. Sprinting in the morning, sparring in the afternoon. So it takes a lot of commitment, I think."

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