Forces Shooters Face Commonwealth Disappointment

The sport has been dropped from the 2022 Games in Birmingham.

Forces shooters are "disappointed" at not being involved in the 2022 Commonwealth Games.

The sport has been cut from the next edition of the historic event.

This is a blow to military athletes such as Sam Gowin and Mike Bamsey who have enjoyed a rise in the sport's rankings.

Bamsey has previously competed at two Commonwealth Games and feels the omission of the sport will have a negative effect: "The Commonwealth Games give a very unique opportunity to athletes who may not aspire to go to the Olympics or to be Great Britain’s number one.

"It will be disappointing that the youngsters will not have that to strive for.

"They won’t have that stepping stone if they want to go further. Now they will have to wait even longer."

Bamsey will be a major player in the Army's shooting future.

Despite the disappointment, Bamsey is determined to look forward to future events.

He said: "I’m aiming to qualify for the European Championships in September which is one of the qualification events for the Olympics.

"We have three more attempts to win a quota place for the Olympics which is next year.

“Now that the Commonwealth Games are gone, there will definitely be a push for the Olympics in 2024.”

Bamsey's frustration is echoed by fellow 'Troops to Target' member Rebecca Carnell.

She said: "It is disappointing. It is one of those milestones that you would like to be selected for.

“Across the shooting community, it is a massive disappointment.”