UKAF and Chelsea excited for 'special' Remembrance football fixture

You can watch Chelsea Academy vs UKAF LIVE on the Forces News Facebook on 11 November at 19:30 UKT.

The UK Armed Forces women's football team and the Chelsea women's academy players have been preparing for a 'special' Remembrance fixture.

The match, held at Kingsmeadow Stadium, will be broadcast LIVE on the Forces News Facebook page on 11 November with a 19:30 UKT kick off.

Both teams have been working hard to make sure the fixture takes place after it was cancelled in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

With the fixture taking place on Remembrance Day, UKAF head coach Sergeant Karl Milgate knows it will be an emotional night for the military players.

"It's a special week," he said.

"To play on Remembrance Day, it sends shivers down your spine now.

"We have to try and take that emotion out of it because you won’t perform if you’re emotionally all over the show."

Leading Naval Nurse Rosie McDonnell said she thinks the Forces team have enough quality to test the academy side.

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She said: "I think every game that I play with the UKAF team, when the national anthem goes and you look at the players that we’ve got around us, it’s such a privilege to meet as three forces.

"You pick out the best players that you played against at [the] Inter Services.

"As a collective, you look around and think 'Yeah, this is brilliant.'

"We’ve got a great squad so it is going to be a brilliant game and something a little bit special for everybody."

Chelsea under 18s coach Dean Steninger spoke about why they wanted to take part in the fixture saying: "Firstly, I think it is a huge privilege for us, more than I think it is for UKAF, to be honest with you.

"For our players to go and play against women who understand what it is around Remembrance Day - it just gives us that little bit of extra incentive to learn a little bit more about it."