Royal Logistic Corps dominates Royal Signals to win Woolwich Cup

Watch: The Royal Logistics Corps beats the Royal Signals to win the Woolwich Cup.

The Royal Logistic Corps have won the Woolwich Cup after dominating the Army Inter Corps Finals with a 1-4 win over the Royal Signals. 

A brace for Owen James, a goal by Sean Woolley and a penalty taken by Luke Noble, capped off a dominant game for the RLC.

The Royal Signals fought hard to turn their game around after a slow start, and a last-minute goal by Rob Lonorgan in the second half denied the RLC a clean sheet. 

It was the RLC who had control of the game from the outset and the Royal Signals found themselves fighting hard to hold off a team that looked hungry to settle it early. 

After Owen James was tackled inside the box, the RLC found their first opportunity to get on the scoresheet after they were awarded a penalty.

The penalty was successfully taken by Liam Noble to put the RLC into a 0-1 lead. 

The RLC looked fired up from their successful penalty and it wasn't long before they were able to double down, as Sean Woolley scored his first goal to give the RLC a 0-2 lead.

The Royal Signals found themselves unable to respond to the surging RLC performance and mistakes on the pitch were beginning to cost them.

The RLC took advantage of their opponent's mishaps and Owen James soon added another goal to their tally, putting them up 0-3 before half-time. 

In the second half, the Royal Signals came back looking much more motivated to turn their game around and, with a 0-3 deficit to make up, they knew they had a big mountain to climb.

The Royal Signals looked more in control of their game with more possession of the ball, which always comes with the chance to apply pressure onto their opponents. 

However, a determined RLC team were able to deflect any attempts by the Royal Signals to chip into their 0-3 lead. 

Before long, Owen James added another goal to his scoresheet, scoring a brace to sure up the RLC's imminent victory with a 0-4 lead. 

With minutes to spare, however, the Royal Signals scored their first goal with Rob Lonorgan denying the RLC a clean sheet.

At the final whistle, the RLC emerged as the victors to win the Woolwich Cup with a convincing 1-4 win over the Royal Signals at the home of Sutton United. 

The Royal Signals will be disappointed with their performance, but there will still be plenty of valuable experience to take away from being in the Army Inter Corps Final. 

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