New Army Women's Football Coach Learning From Manchester United Experience

Sergeant Lee Barry has taken over as head coach of the Army women's team, but he also works with the Manchester United youth teams.

The head coach of the Army women football team believes he is learning from his work with Manchester United.

Sergeant Lee Barry has taken charge of the Army women’s side but also spends his time coaching with the youth teams at Old Trafford.

He says he is improving from his experiences.

"The experience of not just working there but working with the coaches," Sgt Barry said.

There are phenomenal coaches up there that are probably way above my standard but the knowledge they are passing on to me is great.

"It’s a great thing to be surrounded by.

"I don’t mind being the most under-qualified or the least experienced in the room because that gives me the most opportunity to learn."

Sgt Barry’s first job as Army head coach was to oversee the team trials.

The squad are looking to find their next talent and the boss was pleased with the turnout.

"The fact that I have had 35 players come down this week and only 12 of them were here last season shows that there are women who are playing football that are now pushing themselves to the front.

Sgt Barry was speaking at this year's Army women's football trials.

"Even outside the Army, grassroots football at the women’s level is on the up.

"If we can get more of those players that do not make it as pro footballers into the Army, it is a great way to get into football."

The Army’s season peaks with the Inter Services Championship in March.

The RAF won the title last time out, but Sgt Barry says he knows his Army side will have to be on the top of game to challenge for the title.

He said: "We will go out and we will give 100%. Maybe fitness last year possibly played a part in that and we are working on that this year.

"We will push on and we will play a different style of football under myself and my philosophy.

"If the girls go out and play football like I have seen them do this week, I’ve got no doubt we will do well."