Meet the RAF corporal who has masterminded FA Cup fourth-round run

Watch: Meet the RAF corporal who has masterminded an FA Cup fourth-round run.

An RAF corporal has taken his non-professional team to the Fourth Round of the Women's FA Cup.

Wolves play in the third tier of English women's football where the only professional division is the Women's Super League.

Despite that, Corporal Dan McNamara, who also works as a coach for the UK Armed Forces women's team, has led them to the fourth round of the FA Cup against WSL side West Ham United.

In a game of fine margins, two errors from the Wolves backline led to a 2-0 victory for West Ham United.

However, Cpl McNamara is taking pride from the performance.

"Some of my players have been out arresting people last night," he said.

"I'm back in work at 8am tomorrow morning with the RAF. That shows you the levels and the differences.

"I think it's a lot bigger than people realise. Yes, they see Wolves playing in tier 3, but it's actually a little bit false."

He added: "You wouldn't get a non-professional team playing in tier 3 within the men's game.

"It's a huge, huge feat what they've just done."

The future is bright for Wolves and their manager – could we see an RAF corporal manage in English women’s football top flight?

"Hopefully," the Wolves boss said. "If I keep getting the allowances from the military.

"It doesn't matter what happens over the next few years with Wolves. I'm proud of what I've done here. 

"Hopefully, it will be with Wolves but, ultimately, that's my ambition one day to be in the Women's Super League."

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