F-16 fighter jets escort Qatar-bound Poland World Cup football team

Two F-16 fighter jets escorted the Poland football team to the southern border, as they flew to Qatar for the World Cup.

The show of Polish air power comes following the missile strike that killed two people in the eastern European country, with additional care taken, as Poland shares its border with Ukraine.

The footage of the fighter jets from Poland's Krzesiny Air Base was posted by the Polish team's official Twitter account and has been viewed millions of times.

The jets flanked the country's official state aircraft, displaying the words, Republic of Poland, which begins its World Cup campaign against Mexico on Tuesday 22 November.

One of the pilots made sure his allegiances were known, displaying the red and white colours of the nation along with a sign bearing the name of the national squad in their cockpit.

The Poland team tweeted: "When you are a pilot, but also a fan of the Polish national team!"

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace said the UK and its allies are "trying to all establish the facts" relating to the missile in fellow Nato member Poland, close to the border with Ukraine.

Polish president Andrzej Duda said it is likely Ukraine launched the projectile whilst fending off a huge Russian air assault on Tuesday but said there is "absolutely no indication" it was an intentional attack.

Nato ambassadors met on Wednesday to address the explosion in the east of Poland, which took place as Russia launched a massive wave of rocket attacks across Ukraine.

The UK and its Western allies recently clashed with Russia at the UN Security Council over responsibility for a deadly missile strike.

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