Army Reservist Abseils Down Premier League Aston Villa's Stadium

Private Kayla-May Hennessey performed the feat at Villa Park to raise money for charity.

An Army Reservist has abseiled from the top of a Premier League football stadium.

Aston Villa fan Private Kayla-May Hennessey completed the feat at the club's Villa Park and was among several brave participants in the fundraising event.

Pte Hennessey, who is also a member of the Army Reserve women's football team, was working to raise money for the Aston Villa Foundation charity by abseiling down the ground's 20,000-seater Holte End.

"It's a good cause I follow all the Villa pages on Twitter and see the good work they do, they go to all of the hospitals and schools," she said.

"So it's great to help that."

The action, filmed from the pitch below.
The descent, filmed from the pitch below.

While preparing for the feat, Pte Hennessey was asked if her Army experience would help her through the day.

"I've done some adventurous training, but I've never actually done any abseiling...I'm a bit nervous now!"

The reservist completed the task smoothly while capturing the footage on a helmet-mounted camera.

"It was great fun, each stage seemed really high as you climbed up," she said.

"As a Villa fan it was great."

For helping the charity, which aims to support local children in education and welfare, Pte Hennessey was awarded a certificate and a badge.