Army Footballers Play Memorial Match For PC Andrew Harper

11 Explosive Ordnance Disposal and Search Regiment took on Goring United in a charity match to raise money for the policeman's family.

(Picture: Simon Godfrey)

An Army football team has taken part in a charity football match to raise money for the family of PC Andrew Harper.

The 28-year-old Thames Valley policeman was killed on duty in August while responding to a burglary.

In his honour, Goring United has created the PC Harper Memorial Trophy with 11 Explosive Ordnance Disposal and Search Regiment (RLC) competing in the first-ever match for the cup.

During the match, Goring scored four first half goals to take a commanding lead in the break.

The military team managed to pull a goal back in the second half, but it was a resounding final result for Goring who took the trophy with a 7-1 win.

The on-field action was of secondary importance to the money being raised for PC Harper's loved ones.

Alex Fletcher is the chairman of Goring United and explained how the fixture came about.

He said: "I think we all saw the events on the news and it touched a cord with us all locally. A few of our players have been to school with him.

"It was really a case where we felt we had to do something as a club to show our gratitude.

"We've had a few players from the Army regiment that have joined us this year.

"There's that link with the Armed Forces and the police so we thought it was very fitting to get an Army team involved."

PC Iestyn Llewellyn worked with PC Harper and paid tribute to him.

He said: "He was just a really nice chap. A gentle giant and he always had time for you. 

"I think he would probably be embarrassed to be fair that this was being put on on his behalf.

"I think he would honoured and touched, but also a little bit embarrassed."