‘Functional fitness’ is a concept created in America - an all-over body workout suitable for anyone, anywhere and at any time. 

Think circuits, but way more effective. No surprise, then, that the military love it. 

It means you can work to your own standard, with competitors performing the movements most efficiently having the energy to progress.

The idea is not to be good at one thing - it is to try to achieve the same level in everything. 

Sixteen teams from 11 RAF bases came to compete at RAF Northolt – and many among them would like to see this become an affiliated sport within the military so they can hold inter-service competitions.

The popularity is undeniable, and the movement seems to be gaining momentum, so perhaps that day is not too far away. 


1 - Team Gorgeous RAF Honington  2 - Team Globemaster RAF Brize Norton  3 - Team Hercules RAF Brize Norton  4 - Team Shawbury RAF Shawbury 

:: The RAF would like to thank UK Supreme Fitness, POURI, and BeaverFit for their support and help for the event.