Fierce Inter-Battery Boxing Finals Held In Catterick

Boxers from 5th Regiment Royal Artillery show courage and determination in the ring...

The Yorkshire Gunners have hosted an action-packed night of boxing in Catterick. 

The nine-bout fight card, across multiple weight divisions, saw members of 5th Regiment Royal Artillery go toe to toe in the ring at Marne Barracks.

In a spirited opening match, Sapper Garbett got the decision over Gunner Chapman in the lightweight contest. 

"As soon as the bell went the adrenaline kicked in. I just need to remember to do everything I've been taught, not rush, not panic and I think I did that."

5th Regt RA boxing in Catterick - BFBS

New dad, Craftsman Cane from Q Battery & Workshops REME, spent two weeks of his training on paternity leave which may have contributed to the outcome of his light welterweight fight against Gunner Fletcher.

Meanwhile, in the only female contest of the evening, Gunner Fernyhough got the win over Private Mills. 

"All the hard work has paid off."

Commanding Officer, Lt Col Sam Shepherd MBE, was immensely proud of all the participants.

"I think it is a wonderful evening. From what I have seen I have been hugely impressed with the standard of boxing; the heart, the courage and commitment my boxers have demonstrated in the ring."

"You will often hear that boxing is the archetypal military sport because it probably best replicates the chaos, confusion and fear that you find on the battlefield."  

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