Army's Jody Sole wins fourth ever Grand Military Gold Cup title

Watch: Jody Sole wins the 2023 Grand Military Gold Cup at Sandown Park. (Credit: Racing TV).

Lance Bombardier Jody Sole has won the Grand Military Gold Cup for a fourth time in his racing career bringing him level with Jamie Snowden for the most wins in the event. 

LBdr Sole rode Broken Halo to claim his fourth Grand Military Gold Cup win - the same horse he rode to victory at last month's Royal Artillery Gold Cup. 

A former member of the King's Troop, LBdr Sole previously won the Grand Military Gold Cup in 2011, 2013 and 2019.  

Finishing in second place was Sergeant Nathan Rahman riding Almazhar Garde and coming in third was Major Will Kennard riding Tallow For Coal.

Both Sgt Rahman and Maj Kennard spoke to Forces News before the event

Last year's winner Major Charlie O'Shea, riding last year's winning horse Rolling Dylan, missed out on a top-three finish after coming fourth in the race.

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