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Army Reservist Wins Forces Showjumping Title

Holly Hall Showjumping Credit BFBS 2019.jpg

An Army reservist has been named the 2019 Forces Show Jumping Champion at the Olympia International Horse Show in London.

Lance Corporal Holly Hall saw of stiff competition from six other Forces riders to claim the title.

LCpl Hall said she was "very happy" with the only double clear of the event on her horse San Remo.

It was her second appearance at the Olympia finals and her experience helped her.

She said: "I did edge on the side of caution and go for a time as well just in case I rolled a pole."

The victory is the Lance Corporal’s first forces jump title after two months of training and competition in Spain.

The RAF’s Elise Kidd came in as runner up after going clear in her second round, followed by Laurie Tostevin, who fell into third spot by a second.

Kidd was "absolutely thrilled" with her horse, Impact, as they recorded their personal best performance at Olympia, despite losing a shoe in the first round.

	Holly Hall Backstage Credit BFBS 18122019.jpg
Lance Corporal Holly Hall was pleased after her performance.

Olympia provides a unique challenge for both first time finalists and experienced riders thanks to the enclosed ring and an audience who are close to the action.

The Navy's only representative, Chief Petty Officer Sophie Fuller, seemed aware of these challenges.

"I don’t think it matters how many times you’ve been here before, it’s a big venue and the atmosphere’s electric," she said.

These concerns were justified as Chief Petty Officer Fuller picked up 12 faults in her first round before salvaging some pride with a clear second.

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