Army Captain Reacts As Record-Breaking Win Seals 'Defining' Double

The Army Ladies cricket team smashed records in an Inter Services triumph against the RAF.

Army Ladies cricket team captain Lieutenant Connie Cant has praised her team after a record-breaking Inter Services win over the RAF.

The ladies in red broke run records including individual and team totals as they defeated the Air Force by 412 runs.

That victory means the Army have completed the double of both the 50 overs and T20 Inter Services titles.

"That's what I came into this season wanting – the double," said the Army skipper. "I'm really proud of the whole team that we've managed to achieve it.

"We've achieved it in a really defining way which I think is really good.

"I think as a whole team, we played really well. It wasn't just one player, it was a whole team performance which I think is new this season.

"Normally, we have a few top players but, this season, we're just flying on 11 players, which is good."

The Army limited the RAF to just 36 runs in their innings to seal the win.

The dominant performance was a sign of the Army's improving depth, according to Cant.

She said: "It shows the depth that we are now coming to.

"Amanda Potgieter is still an amazing player and will continue to be an amazing player.

"It's good that we're building a team that can compete with her and play with her to a good standard."

Lt Cant racked up a half-century of runs against the RAF but her sister, Georgina Cant, stole the show with a history-making score of 181 runs.

“"She was definitely seeing it like a melon out there," said the Army skipper. "I'd have liked to have stayed out for a bit longer and seen it a bit better. She did amazingly well.

"It's just really good."