Chez Nihell Proposes 'Exciting' Idea For Army Boxing After Winning Fourth Professional Fight

He had a message for Army Boxing Secretary, Nathan Pearce, after beating Dmitrij Kalinovskij in Aldershot.

Former Army boxer Chez Nihell has made it four wins from as many fights after starting his professional career.

He beat Dmitrij Kalinovskij on points to keep his unbeaten record.

Nihell has said he is "happy with the performance" and hoping to "continue gaining experience" as his career progresses.

The win over Kalinovskij has continued his momentum and he wants to be in a title fight "within the next 12 months".

He is also keen not to forget his military roots and had an interesting proposal for Army Boxing Secretary, Nathan Pearce.

He said: "You can do pro-amateur shows, where you have the first half until the interval as amateur boxing and then the second half is professional boxing.

"I’ve not said that to anyone yet but Nathan Pearce, that may be something that could be done here in Aldershot.

"That could definitely be a show that the Army could put on for amateur and professional boxers."

Nihell's smart boxing paid off as he managed to get in more scoring shots than his opponent over the six rounds.

Speaking about his opponent, Nihell said: "He was a tough and durable opponent.

"He took me the distance and we knew he was going to be tough.

"I tried to hurt him and did stop him in his tracks a few times, but he had power.

"I got a little nick from an elbow as well, but that comes with the territory doesn’t it?"

Nihell’s bout came as the main attraction of a card in his hometown of Aldershot.

The fight was held at Princes Hall which is literally up the road from the Army boxing headquarters.

That meant a number of forces stars were in attendance to cheer Chez on, including current Sportsman of the Year Natty Ngwenya.

When asked about Ngwenya, Chez said they are "very different boxers" and have been "sparring partners" for at least the last five years.

He said: "We’ve been at the same weights and had some right ding-dongs.

"I wouldn’t say he is following in my footsteps because he is his own man.

"He should be looking at a good signing as a pro like I did.

"That’s amazing and I hope we can both be side-by-side representing the Army.

"We’re going to be at the same weight so who knows?

"Down the line, that could be interesting one day."