UK Armed Forces Development Boxers Pull No Punches Against Eastern Counties

It was an afternoon of mixed results for the military fighters in Aldershot.

Development boxers from the UK Armed Forces have been in national competition against the Eastern Counties.

In an afternoon of bouts in Aldershot, the UKAF team had mixed results against some difficult opponents.

Kane Stephenson beat Sam Omara in the opening fight and more wins came for the military team thanks to Adam Howe and Connor Mahoney.

It was not complete plain sailing for UKAF, however.

Tony Shepherd and Callum Spence were both unfortunate to lose on split decisions.

In the penultimate fight of the afternoon, Lance Corporal Joe Lowery used his recent experience with the Army senior set-up to beat Cameron Hadley.

He was pleased with the split decision victory, saying: "It was a good fight. I thought I won it comfortably.

"I know a lot of people have said to me he was a strong opponent but majority of the shots he was throwing were landing on my gloves or in and around my body.

"Every time I went back to the corner my coach said to stay relaxed and not to worry what he was doing.

Joe Lowery was in confident mood and it showed across the three rounds.

“He was coming like a bull in a china shop and I had to keep my hands up, stay composed and pick my moments to land my own shots."

In the main event, Fusilier Brad Whitehead edged a tight encounter with Brian Lawless.

The military man talked about his difficult test saying: "He made it hard for me. I didn’t get into it until the second round.

"I definitely lost the first round but I reckon in the second and third round, I came on a bit stronger.

"He did make it hard for me."

The UKAF team will take their boxers to the Western Counties for their next fixture on Saturday.