RAF Boxing 'Hoping To Come Away With A Trophy' At Inter Services

Corporal George Westpfel is also looking to be crowned as the UK Armed Forces Super Heavyweight champion.

The RAF are hoping to "come away with a trophy" from the 2020 Inter Services boxing championships.

The competition will be held in Aldershot and the Air Force are looking to win the title for the first time in decades.

Corporal George Westpfel is the new team captain and said: "The Inter Services this year are at Aldershot and it is my first year as an Elite.

"I fought in the development championships before and as a team, we are hoping to come away with a trophy.

"We haven’t done it in decades so obviously want to aim for it.

"For myself, I want to come away as the UK Armed Forces Super Heavyweight Champion."

Cpl Westpfel was speaking at the team's training camp in Guernsey.

During their trip, seven RAF boxers also competed for the UK Select team.