Army's Sportsman of the Year praises support of boxing team

The 2022 Army Sportsman of the Year, Lance Corporal Carnell Brown, praised Army Boxing for the support they give to the Army boxing team at the CGS Army Sports Awards.

Accepting his award as Army Sportsman of the Year, LCpl Brown spoke how the Army boxing team helped him to achieve his goal of winning the England Boxing National Amateur Championship last year. 

He emphasised that winning the national title is "something a lot of boxers strive for".

He said: "In a boxing team we are like a family, so we all support each other to try and get to those goals. 

"Boxing is a very brutal sport and it has its ups and downs, and it is a lonely sport some people will see but not really in the Army boxing team. 

"We are all going through the same stuff together and yes, it is the same journey we go through together.

"It's just amazing facilities and opportunities, it is a great place to be especially if you want to get to the top, the Army will help you."

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