Army Boxer Still Hopeful Of Olympics Spot Despite 'Excruciating' Injury

Lance Corporal John Marvin suffered the injury while competing for the Philippines but hopes to be at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

An Army boxer is hopeful of qualifying for the 2020 Olympic Games despite, suffering an "excruciating" broken hand.

Lance Corporal John Marvin was representing the Phillippines at the South East Asian Games last year when he got injured.

He was defending his light heavyweight title at the event and said his hand "fractured in a couple of places".

"As I threw my backhand, I caught him with it and it just fractured," he said.

"When I hit him with it, I could have taken a knee.

"It was really excruciating."

Despite the set-back, LCpl Marvin still has his eyes set on a place at the Tokyo Olympics but said he realises there is a lot of work to do.

"I have to be training hard, focusing and listening to my coaches," LCpl Marvin said.

Lance Corporal John Marvin has been a top boxing star for the Army as well as the Philippines.

"I have to put myself through the paces and give everything I’ve got.

"The focus has to be there and you have to be totally committed.

"The margins for error are so small."

If he can recover in time, Marvin may represent the Army at this year's Inter Services Championships in Aldershot.

The boxer would be proud to box for his service but has bigger things on his mind.

"That would be a nice warm-up bout prior to my qualification tournament in the World Championships," he said.

"To somebody else, it might be the pinnacle.

"To me, the Combined Services was the pinnacle of boxing to represent the Army.

"That’s what I was here for. That was my main goal.

"Obviously now, I have a different set goal.

"When I say a warm-up bout, I don’t mean it in any disrespect.

"I mean it in the sense that I have my eyes set on bigger things."