Army Boxer Celebrates 'Quality Night' After Professional Debut Win

Lance Corporal Chez Nihell won his first professional fight on points at the O2 Arena.

Lance Corporal Chez Nihell has called the win in his professional debut a "dream come true".

The Army boxer was fighting against Kent Kauppinen and won on points after a strong first three rounds.

For LCpl Nihell, the opportunity to have his first fight at such a big arena was great.

He said: "It was a quality night. A debut at the O2 Arena in London on a world title undercard in a televised bout.

"It was a floating bout as well so I warmed up and cooled down three times before I actually went in."

Nihell’s opponent was not revealed until the day of the fight but it was important to the boxer that it was no easy task.

He said: “He was a tough man and a dangerous opponent on my first fight. He has 2 knock-out wins on his record where he has knocked out lads on their debuts.

“I didn’t want to box a push-over to begin with and neither did my coaches. We wanted to start off as we mean to carry on and box against good opponents.

“The pressure was on for my fight. I played safe and boxed safe. I stuck to my boxing and clearly won the first three rounds.

“In the last round, he came flying at me and was looking for that knock-out because he knew he had to knock me out to win the fight.”

Chez Nihell celebrating his first professional victory with wife Alanna Nihell
Chez Nihell celebrating his first professional victory with wife Alanna Nihell (Picture: PA).

Nihell has plenty of experience at the amateur level with the Army Boxing team, but the attention his first professional fight gathered took him by surprise.

He said: “It was quite a stressful week. We had press conferences and radio interviews. I must have done about 100 interviews.

“I’m used to attention on the army scale, but nothing like that.

“It was like a dream come true. The O2 Arena was packed as well because I was on later in the night.

“The support I had was brilliant. The support from the Army, people from the Isle of Wight who come to see me and over 130 people from my team came to see me.”

Nihell is now looking forward to his second fight after getting off to the perfect start.