Kat Matthews reacts to record-breaking triathlon triumph

Captain Kat Matthews has been back working with the British Army triathlon team after winning the Sub8 event in Germany.

The British Army sprint triathlon took place in Gloucestershire with Capt Matthews providing support to the runners.

Her win in Germany makes her the first victor of a brand new race.

She explained: "It was a unique and brand new experiment to see whether physically one person, with the support of other people, could go faster over the Ironman distance than eight hours for the females and seven for the males.

"It was a sparky idea that then generated this incredible event."

Her main rival was former Olympic gold medal winner Nicola Spirig - a runner that Capt Matthews thinks highly of.

"She's been in the sport for twenty-plus years," she said.

"She's a mum of three and she's still one of the greatest over the Olympic distance. It was a privilege to be racing against her."

The British Army runner wasn't even supposed to be part of the race, but secured a spot and went on to win.

"I've come into the sport quite late," she said.

"There was another girl already lined up to do the event but she had a significant injury.

"I was able to raise my hand and say yeah I can do this. In two months time, I'll be there."