The Army netball season has opened with the Inter-Unit Championship in Aldershot.

The tournament is a chance for players to get some on-court time, with higher-profile fixtures set to follow throughout the year.

Teams from across the country were in attendance at the competition, which marked the start of the Army netball season.

Army Inter-Units Netball Championship 2017

It features players of all ranks, including the evergreen Lieutenant Colonel Andrea Zanchi, who's just been named as the new Chairman of Army and UK Armed Forces netball.

Soldiers have represented Northern Ireland and Wales in the recent past, while another two are set to feature for Fiji. Lt Col Zanchi said:

"It's absolutely fantastic. Netball has just grown and grown exponentially over the last couple of years."

"If we can get Army and Combined Services netball into the netball magazines, it can only do good for the Army - and it's fantastic for the sport."

This year's inter-unit title went the way of 9 Regiment RLC after they beat Colchester Garrison 12-4 in the final.

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