Army Women's Cricketers End Season On High

The cricket season managed to get back underway after the coronavirus pandemic had threatened to wipe it out completely.

The curtain has come down on the Army Women's condensed cricket season with a win over Aldershot Cricket Club in a friendly T20 match.

The Army restricted their hosts to 97 from their 20 overs, before weathering an early wobble with the bat in response and winning by four wickets.

The coronavirus pandemic had, at one stage, threatened to wipe out the entire season, with some the Army's squad being diverted to help fight the virus.

Lieutenant Colonel Sarah Streete was involved in Operation Rescript in London, as the military supported the NHS and the London Ambulance Service.

Lt Colonel Streete told Forces News: "I've been pretty much in lockdown working from home on a daily basis, so to actually just meet up with like-minded people and get out there and run around and throw a ball around and have a bit of a laugh, it's great. 

"It's a good way forward and it gives you a positive lift to potentially what might be a more difficult winter this winter as we move forward."

Despite squeezing in just a handful of games towards the end of summer, the players are grateful to the administrators and those behind the scenes for enabling them to take to the pitch.

Some of the Army's squad were involved in the coronavirus response.

Lt Colonel Streete added: "The Army is very good at supporting sport, and it has been very forward-looking in how to get the sport back up and running and getting people out there.

"That's all positive and it's looking to the future now and hopefully now we've got the regime in place that we can carry on".

Those sentiments are mirrored by Army team player and manager Major Mel Vaggers.

Major Vaggers said returning to the game has been "so important".

"I think just one for morale, getting our girls out of the office and making sure that sport is reintroduced in a safe way.

"Secondly just to maintain momentum - we gathered some great momentum last year, having a great tour to Japan and some new arrivals to the team so getting them back training and playing cricket is really important."