The Army Women's football team have jetted off on a groundbreaking tour of the Middle East. 

The squad are hoping to inspire young women across the region to take up the game.

Chairman of the side, Colonel Alison Curnow, said: "We really are trailblazing... It's the first time this has been done and I'm delighted they've picked the Army Women's football team."

Army captain Warrant Officer Class 2 Krissie Wright said the two-week tour, backed by the Football Association, Sport England and the Foreign & Commonwealth Office is about much more than just football:

"It's completely different to any tour that we've been on. The football actually comes second.

"We're not just going over there to play football games and come away with some good results.

"We're actually going out there to promote female football... females playing sport in general really - and I think that's the interesting side to this one."

The Army players will get the chance to play against national teams during the tour, however.

Army Women's football team

Games in Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates will allow them to assess how far they have come since last season, which brought success but no inter-services title.

The players will also visit local schools, helping to promote fitness, wellbeing and sport for local women and girls.

According to Gunner Abi Hyndman, however, the team are looking forward to learning from local people, as well as passing knowledge on to them:

"I'd like to know a bit more about their culture and their way of life. It'll be really interesting to see."

Forces Network's Jon Knighton went to see the players' final training session in Aldershot - just click above to see how they got on.

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