Army Wins Babcock Trophy At Twickenham

In the annual affair in front of 80,000 people, the Army triumphed over a Navy side who had a man sent off in the first half...

The Army has won the Babcock trophy at a sold-out Twickenham stadium.

In the annual affair in front of 80,000 people, the Army triumphed over a Navy side who had a man sent off in the first half. 

Despite the RAF having already won the Inter Services Championship, there was still a lot on the line for both sides - not least forces pride.

The game started with the Navy longing strong in possession, although it didn't lead to a lot of territory in the Army's half.

And on 8 minutes first blood did go to the Navy. AET Jonathon Humphrey put a penalty through the posts after Navy pressure near the line led to an Army mistake and a penalty.

After that the Navy continued to look strong and were soon 6-0 up thanks to another penalty. 

Army v Navy 2018

But then the Navy appeared to undo all their early good work with a moment of madness.

The referee took a long look at an apparent headbutt before sending the Navy's LOGS(SC) Sam Matavesi for an early shower.

With the Senior Service down to 14 men, the Army looked to capitalise, and they did.

LCpl Chris Leathem used the extra space out on the wing to his advantage and crossed the line for the first try of the game. The missed conversion though meant the Navy still had the lead. 

That was until Pte Junior Bulumakau found his way through and swan dived over the line.

Army v Navy 2018

With a successfully successful kick the men in red were in front for the first time in the game: 12-9.

Four minutes later, the Army were over again. LCpl Dixon's conversation put them 10 points ahead.

That was how the half ended.

Army Win The Babcock Trophy At Twickenham

Following the restart it didn't take long for the Army to take advantage of the extra man again.

But no points were scored as the referee deemed the Army man to have strayed into touch before placing the ball over the line. Was this to be a lifeline for the Navy?

The following 20 minutes was a pretty scrappy affair, but on the 68th minute mark the Army managed to extend their lead. 

A penalty was duly dispatched through the posts to mean the Navy would need two converted tries to get back in front.

Army v Navy 2018

This seemed to spur the Navy on and they piled the pressure on the Army defence who defended heroically - refusing to let the Navy through.

But eventually the pressure told, and the Navy, despite being a man down, went over the line.

Mne Ratu Vakalutukali escaped his man and flew over to make the score 22-14.

However, his fellow Marine, Nathan Huntley, hooked the kick wide of the left-hand upright though, missing the opportunity to get a precious extra two points on the board.

And with that all hope of a Navy revival was lost, and the final whistle went. 

The Army wining the Babcock Trophy 22-14.